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the Types


Who ’dat?: Johnny Type (guitar/vocals); Kelly Ann Type (bass/vocals); Iz Type (drums).

Pigeon-holed as?: Blues/rock and roll.

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Acid Kings, Anvil.

What’s their deal?: This band is perfect for the Lion’s Lair. Colfax Ave.’s dirty little rock club The Lair is all about playing loud, catching a buzz and having a good time. There’s no need for polished rock at Lion’s Lair, and The Types certainly aren’t polished. But that’s kind of their charm and appeal, too — in fact, it epitomizes the whole reason you’d go into a dive bar (and I do use that term very affectionately) in the first place.

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O.K. When?: Lion’s Lair, February 11, with Hurts to Laugh from Nashville,w and The Super Eights

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