The Memorials @ Marquis Theater 2/23/11


::The Memorials::

::Marquis Theater::

::Feburary 23 2011::

By Kayla Bellipanni

Photos by Tristan Torkelson


The Marquis Theater is an intimate setting. It is a smaller venue with a lot to offer. There’s no such thing as a bad show here. Wednesday night’s show was no exception- Featuring Katalyst, Just Like Vinyl, and The Memorials.

As far as a show at 8 PM on a Wednesday night goes, the crowd turn out was awesome. What really made this show worth seeing and being at, though, were the bands’ participation with the audience. It went above and beyond. During the first two sets, various members of The Memorials were out on the floor with the crowd, dancing, cheering, playing each other’s instruments, and goofing around with the rest of the audience. It was no exception for the The Memorials’ set. The members of Katalyst and Just Like Vinyl were out on the floor talking to the fans, thanking them for coming, and handing out free CDs. They treated it like it was one huge party and the audience ate it up.

The Memorials took the stage and kept the place rocking. The music is diverse as it incorporates all of the experiences and different backgrounds of each member. No song is the same. They worked hard during the show to achieve a real relationship with the members. By the end of their set, no matter who you were in the audience, you couldn’t help cheering and screaming for them because you felt like it was your best friends on stage getting right up in your face and screaming lyrics at you.

There were no security barriers, the bands and audience took full advantage of it. When one audience member walked right up to the stage and grabbed Memorials singer, Viveca Hawkins’ arm and yelled, “It’s my birthday!” She looked at him and said, “Awesome. What song do you want to hear?” He made his request, she told him to take his camera and start recording because this song was for him.

The show was unbelievable. The Memorials were down to earth and had such an impact on the audience. They worked to make it a relaxed environment- adding to the intimacy of the cozy venue. The result? A one-of-a-kind show and an experience that will never be replicated.

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