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The Fourge


Who ’dat?: Barrett Betz (drums/vocals); Troy Hillary (bass/vocals); Darryl Lasky (guitar/vocals); John Wendling (guitar/vocals)

Pigeon-holed as?: Blues rock and roll

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: The Black Crowes, The Black Keys, The Allman Brothers

What’s their deal?: Formerly Celestial Hoedown, The Fourge changed their name in the beginning of 2011 and immediately hit the road. From the Northwest to the Southeast, the band is taking a straight-forward rock sound, and sort of infiltrating the jam scene, with openers for bands like Tea Leaf Green, Jerry Garcia Band, and members of String Cheese and Particle.

The Fourge has given no indications as to the reason for their name change, but with tour dates  far into 2011, it doesn’t look like they need to explain what they’re doing, rather, just keep doing it.

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O.K. When?: Stage Stop, March 4; Sancho’s Broken Arrow, March 7; Oskar Blues, March 18; The Lazy Dog, March 25.

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