Snow Ball Music Festival


:: Snowball Music Festival ::

:: The Flaming Lips ::

:: Nottingham Park Avon :: March 6, 2011 ::



Photos by Timothy Dwenger

Words by Brian F. Johnson


The Flaming Lips could have saved a butt-load of money on confetti Sunday night.

With snow literally dumping on the crowd during their set, it was as if weather had finally given the Lips what they’ve always wanted – a non-stop deluge of things fluttering from the sky, landing on their audience.

Wayne Coyne announced at the beginning of the set that while the band has, obviously, played placed where it’s been snowing, that the Snowball Festival was, in fact, the first time the band had ever played in the snow – and the eccentric singer seemed to revel in that moment. Each time that the lights shot out over the crowd, revealing how hard it was snowing, Coyne lit up with smiles.

The set was your standard Flaming Lips festival set, and while the band often takes flack for a perceived “seen-one, seen-em-all” sterotype of their shows, I still say that dollar for dollar, pound for pound, I’d still rather see the Flaming Lips headline a festival than any other band. Their intoxicating enthusiasm, sing-along-friendly tracks, and Coyne’s Timothy Leary-esque trip guide persona, are incredible, whether you’re tripping or not.

Snowball was a dialed in festival. Aside from fields that were so snow-packed that you were either standing on ice or in a puddle, the set up was seamless took advantage of the town’s ample resources. The promoter had tried to throw down some straw, but it did little to help the issue, and in fact, it was part of the allure. The crowd, while a bit oblivious to personal-space etiquette (at least where we were) didn’t seem to mind much, and the huddled mass in front of the stage, did provide for a great buffer from the elements.



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