Cameron McGill & What Army


Cameron McGill & What Army

Is A Beast


4.5 out of 5 stars


Anyone who reads The Marquee regularly has listened to me drone on and on about Cameron McGill & What Army. I’ve compared McGill’s songwriting to the greats, and I’ve called What Army as crucial as The Cardinals.

So here’s a shocker for you — I love Is A Beast.

McGill’s sound has changed over the years from stripped down folk to pop-ish rock, and what makes Is A Beast so damn entertaining is that it doesn’t show yet another sound. Instead, it blends them all.

McGill and What Army have spent a ton of time on the road in recent years, and that time together has allowed them to find their strengths and truly focus on them.

Is A Beast is a blast, from  the Morrissey-esque “I Don’t Believe in Magic” to the A.M. Gold-like saunter of “Counterfeit.”              — Brian F. Johnson


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