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Springdale Quartet doesn’t mention Phish in any of their bio information. They do mention Soulive, New Mastersounds, and Medeski, Martin & Wood as influences, but the absence of Phish is a puzzler; because, when the Boulder-based instrumental band hits the meat of their tracks it’s the heady Vermonters that I hear the most.

Formed in 2007, Noisefactory is the band’s debut, but it also serves as a resume of sorts, that says, “This may be our debut, but check out what we’ve done up until now.” What they have done, in fact, is become an uber-tight pack of instrumentalists, who have already brought their playing up to par with their expansive creativity.

The band has dialed in a sound that is unique and familiar, and with Springdale’s ability to build layer on top of layer they’ve got so many jumping off points here with Noisefactory that the sky is truly the limit.

— Brian F. Johnson


:: Springdale Quartet ::

:: Ramstock (Fort Collins) :: May 6 ::

:: Pearl Street Music & Arts Fest :: May 7::

:: Hodi’s Half Note  – Waterfront Festival Pre-party :: May 19 ::

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  1. Everett E. Brust on

    Great article for a great band. They have a great sound! Brian writes the way it is.

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