Waterfront Festival


Waterfront takes over the Mish in late May

BY Brian F. Johnson



May 20-22

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Bellvue, Colo.

The Waterfront Music Festival, from Silverfox Productions, the same guys who bring you Winterfest on the Mountain and the Pearl Street Music and Arts Festival (May 6 and 7) is getting a new lease on life, even though it wasn’t really in need of one.

Due to ownership changes at “the Mish,” crowds, it is being claimed, will be reduced by 25 percent, giving each attendee an abundance of real estate in the venue’s gorgeous backyard.

That real estate will come in handy with a lineup that boasts sets from Greensky Bluegrass, the Drew Emitt Band and Great American Taxi (just two of the acts that make up “Salmon Stuffed Sunday”), the Billy and Jillian Nershi Duo, Gregory Alan Isakov, and two sets by Head for the Hills.

Unfortunately, the days of camping right next to the site are long gone, but the owners of the Mish and the promoters have teamed up to keep shuttles running to and from the campground at the base of the canyon.

You’re going there to see: Head for the Hills, Gregory Alan Isakov and the “Salmon Stuffed Sunday.”

You’re going to come home talking about: Denver’s Whiskey Tango, which two years ago was two separate acts until they merged their jam and bluegrass bands.


Travel time:

(As calculated by maps.google.com from

Denver, Colo. to  Bellvue, Colo.)

Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 89 miles


YOU NEED TO KNOW: Ninety-nine percent of festivals tell you to leave your animals at home and Waterfront is no different, but for those who must, remember this bitch of a lesson I learned while camping in the Poudre Canyon once with my dog: you don’t need to touch poison ivy. If your dog does it’s a done deal. I didn’t learn this until after I had nuzzled my dog, and the resulting poison ivy rash on my face and neck sucked for two weeks after I left the Mish. Leave the pets at home.

Camping: Yes, and included, but at the base of the canyon.

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