Yarmony Grass Festival


Yarmony Grass includes all members of Cheese

BY Brian F. Johnson



August 4 – 6

Rancho Del Rio, Colo.

Yarmony Grass has seen its share of weather demons over the years. On their website, they talk about weathering “snowstorms, hailstorms, sideways rain, foot-deep mud and washed out roads — but nowhere does it even begin to elude to those things being anything but a fun adventure.

While it’s only about two-and-a-half hours from Denver, Rancho Del Rio feels miles away from anywhere and that remote feeling, blended with a bunch of legendary pickers known to cause a ruckus, makes it so that you can almost already hear the party happening.

In addition to all the Cheese players, the festival will also feature legend Peter Rowan and the Travelin’ McCourys.

You’re going there to see: The Trancident featuring four members of String Cheese Incident (Travis, Hollingsworth, Kang and Hahn). SCI’s Nershi will also be on site with Emmitt-Nershi Band, and Moseley will be around with The Grant Farm.

You’re going to come home talking about: Chris Thompson and Coral Creek — whose debut album was recorded and produced by Bill Nershi.


Travel time:

(As calculated by maps.google.com from

Denver, Colo. to  Bellvue, Colo.)

Total Est. Time: 2 hours, 34 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 134 miles


YOU NEED TO KNOW: It’s almost like you got lost on your way to Steamboat. Rancho Del Rio is out in the middle of nothing but scenery. While lots of festivals seem to have spotty access to technology, Yarmony Grass goes one better — there’s no cell service at all. The freedom that comes with being off the grid for a weekend will certainly be celebrated.

Camping: Included in the three-day pass.

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