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Rob Roper Band


Who ’dat?: Rob Roper (acoustic and electric guitar/lead vocals); Paul Ermisch (violin/keyboard); Laurie Lamar (bass/ backing vocals); Dan Heinrich (drums)

Pigeon-holed as?: Acoustic rock

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Josh Ritter, Elvis Costello

What’s their deal?: Rob Roper started this band from his beginnings in Mississippi. He started his life as a musician when he began guitar at a young age and with lessons and a few more years, he developed a passion for songwriting. He bounced around bands before he landed in Colorado and formed his band’s current lineup. The Rob Roper Band just released a new album, Misfits, in May of this year.

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O.K. When?: Rock N Soul Cafe, June 22; Michaelangelo’s Wine Bar, June 24.


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