Sondre Lerche @ Larmier Lounge


:: Sondree Lerche ::

:: Larimer Lounge :: June 21::

Photos and text by Josh Elioseff


Opener Kishi Bashi attracted a small but curious crowd with his solo set — part looping, part world, part rapping style. Combining emo, indie, and hard bass drum beats with avante garde fiddle licks Kishi Bashi is an adept multi-instrumentalist that one crowd member mused might be the result of a union between Jeff Buckley, Aphex Twin, with a bit of Ben Folds’ irreverence thrown in for good measure.

Nightlands was up next, with full band vocal harmonics and wispy, ethereal, floaty lyrics moving the crowd into a Peter Gabriel-esque pounding world beat sound. Their style was closer to California than the East Coast from this Philly-based quintet.

The main act, Sondre Lerche, rounded out the evening. His thought-provoking lyrics were crooned over the droning sound of a backing band partially comprised of some of the evenings earlier musicians. By now, the dance floor at this small dark club was packed tight with dedicated fans, eager to catch a glimpse or hear a note of this traveling bard. A note for next time, though: the opener was not to be missed and you should get there early!

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