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Lyons’ Interstate Stash Express to release second LP

:: Interstate Stash Express ::
::Moe’s Original BBQ :: July 7::
::Dickens Opera House :: July 16::

By Ben Waligoske


Many bands these days claim to have a “rock and roll attitude” or sound. Even more bands try to augment that claim with far-out personas or stage gimmicks while forgetting that many times, the most effecting characteristic of Americana and rock music is its honesty. And so it’s refreshing when one comes across an honestly determined band like Lyons-based trio Interstate Stash Express, who for the past few years have been dedicated to honing their sound at shows all over Colorado and have a new release coming out in July.  The Marquee was recently able to catch up with ISE guitarist Terry Kishiyama to chat about the band’s formation, their sound, the upcoming new release, and how it all came together.

The group properly formed around 2007, but the history between Interstate Stash Express’ members began much earlier. “I started playing with Thom [McKee], our drummer, back in 1998 and we were in a trio then,” Kishiyama began. “Thom and I are originally from Nebraska — we transplanted in 2000 — but we went separate ways quickly and Thom formed another band with James [Smith], our bass player, and they were also a trio. Maybe it’s Thom, he has the trio curse… anything he touches turns out in three! Whatever the case may be, we are stoked to be a trio, and it’s what makes us different from other bands. Less is more for the ISE.”  In fact, Kishyama went on to say that their minimalist style and sound is exactly what makes ISE’s music most appealing. “Most music-goers these days are conditioned to hear the big sound; multiple guitars, keyboards, electronics and ambience. But we love having the most basic setup — three dudes jamming their hearts out,” he said.

And now in 2011, the band has decided to document their progress by recording their second LP, a varied showcase of the band’s sound titled Hurricane Window. With studio tracks recorded and mixed at Far And Away Studios in Boulder by Geoff Gray, live tracks recorded by Ben Fausch at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont, and the whole record mastered by the renowned David Glasser (Airshow Mastering), the pedigree is certainly evident. The band had also worked with Gray on their 2009 EP Stick.

Kishiyama elaborated, “Hurricane Window consists of four studio tracks. One is an ISE classic in our repertoire called ‘Catch a Trout’ and three of the four were pretty virgin to us going into the studio.

“The songs have evolved a bit since their original recordings, and they all have a completely different flavor, which is what we were going for. And then there are four live tracks on the album,  too — and we kept those pretty raw, bootleg style. It’s just a little  slice of what you can expect to hear when you come see us,” he said.

With plans to play all over Colorado this summer, fans will certainly have a chance to do just that. The band will be featured at the Summer Concert Series at Howelson Hill Amphitheater (Steamboat Springs) later in the month, but they also have dates along the Front Range, including their CD release show on July 17 at the Dickens Opera House, which Kishiyama was particularly excited about. “That place has the old theatre mojo. It takes us back,” he said. “We also thought it would be nostalgic to release the music in the same place we recorded it a few months prior.”

It’s an exciting time to be an ISE supporter, and the band has a firm grasp on what it will take to be successful in the future. “I think it’s like anything,” Kishiyama started. “The longer you do something, the more you understand the machine that powers it. It’s an ever-learning process, but we’re optimistic and confident. We want to tour. We have a van. We hit the road for a week, but now we want a month. The ISE has no gimmicks at their shows. We laugh a lot as a band, and our sound is based on original songs with some improvisation and a lot of time putting it together — not in the ‘show biz’ sense yet, but in the garage band tradition.”



:: Interstate Stash Express ::

::Moe’s Original BBQ :: July 7::

::Dickens Opera House :: July 16::


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