Jami Lunde


Jami Lunde

Big Black Birds

Awnry Girl Records

3.5 out of 5 stars

One can only imagine the loneliness that accompanies solo travels through Colorado, California and Southeast Asia. Hence, Jami Lunde titled her second album after the birds that helped keep her loneliness at bay. The melancholic loneliness, however, slips through and is strikingly present in both the instrumentals and vocals on her most recent CD.

Lunde’s newest release brings with it a host of talented musicians including Chris Funk of The Decemberists, Eben Grace, Todd Patrick Livingston, Jack Leahy, Brian Schey, Ian Morlock and Greg McRae. They use their gifts to enhance Lunde’s imagery by creating open, swelling sounds.

Overall, Lunde’s newest album is a good soundtrack for those slow, lonely days when her content can be most easily related to.          — Andrew Wojcik

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