Be Good Tanyas @ Larimer Lounge


:: Be Good Tanyas ::
:: L2 @ Swallow Hill ::
:: August 18, 2011 ::
Photos by Josh Elioseff

“This show was hot, and not just because of the amazing musical prowess that graced the stage at the L2 Event Center in Denver Thursday evening. No the venue itself was, at times, uncomfortably warm, with the audience consistently fanning themselves with anything they could find, and shirts sticking to the vinyl seating. But the heat coming off the musicians was much stronger, with opening act Reed Foehl and the talented local musicians that backed him setting the crowd up for the main event, Canadian folk band Be Good Tanyas. Highlights of the evening include Foehl’s “Once and Ocean”, with the Tanyas’ Frazey Ford joining in on harmonies, and a beautiful rendition of “Lay Lady Lay” performed by the headliners, who mixed in some covers and a healthy dose of conversation to keep the crown entertained. “The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs.” Indeed. And they never sounded so sweet.”

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