Jon Ridnell


Music Saved My Soul


4 out of 5 stars

Music Saved My Soul, the new self-released album by local guitar extraordinaire Jon Ridnell aka. “Blackdog” is a groove heavy record with phat horns and lush percussion throughout.

Music Saved My Soul is a live recording from a show last March at Nederland’s own First Street Pub and righteously captures the high energy of a Blackdog performance. Ridnell’s fiery guitar playing, paired with the horn lines, creates a thick texture of harmony above a solid foundation of groove, saturated with percussion that is sure to please any music lover.

The title and opening nine-minute, 37 second track on this recording, has a very heavy Latin groove that is almost trance inducing. The rest of the seven track record continues with a diverse array of genres, from reggae (“Groove Injector”) to the hip-hop-esque “Soul Freedom,” to the funked up “Foggy Mountain Jam” finale.

Music Saved My Soul is a real ass-shaking, foot-stomping romp that delivers quite the punch, and epitomizes the caliber of musicians that Nederland can boast on any given night of the week.             — Chibo Acevedo


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