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Rumble, Shake and Tumble

Thirty Tigers

4 out of 5 stars

Australian outlaw country? Sold!

In some ways, Rumble, Shake and Tumble is as straight ahead country as Johnny Cash or Hank Williams, but there’s a pulse behind the twang on this album that leans more toward indie rock and seems to teeter closer to The Replacements than Willie Nelson, even though there is a song on the disc named after (and obviously dedicated to) the Red Headed Stranger.

I had no idea that Melbourne had a Nashville contingent, but Rumble, Shake and Tumble music proves it does, and you can’t spell “Aussie” without U.S.A.


Fina Dupa

Are You Happy Now?


3.5 out of 5 stars

The opening notes of Denver’s Fina Dupa’s newest album sounds like something off of 1971’s Shaft soundtrack. So when the digitized vocals come in a few seconds later it’s a jarring mix of new and old. Luckily, those studio-tweaked vocals don’t continue throughout the album and the band does a great job of laying down a modern funk album. Some tracks lean more toward jazzy, almost Steeley Dan-type tracks. So, in answer to the album title’s question: Yes, I am happy now. Just please don’t mess with vocals like that. Pop stars who can’t sing do that. You’re better than that, Fina Dupa.

Yo Soy Sauce

“Juke Box” Single

Plastic Sound Supply

“Juke Box” is the debut single from Yo Soy Sauce — a collaboration between The Flobot’s Brer Rabbit and veteran electronic music producer CacheFlowe. The track sees the Denver-based group taking a self-referential, lighthearted stab at the 1990s booty house genre. Added to the mix is a surprising guest vocal appearance by Esme Tiger Collins of the acoustic group Paper Bird. It’s probably not these musicians’ finest work, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Post Paradise

The New Normal


4 out of 5 stars

Fort Collins, alternative cello-rock five-piece is solide as an alt-rock band, but the addition of that cello, played by Amy Morgan, makes this band and the album infinitely more interesting than most modern alternative groups. Everyone in the group is a talented musician, but it’s the cello that ties it all together.

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