Wandering Monks


Wandering Monks

Wandering Monks

Royal Frog Records

3 out of 5 stars


To consider Wandering Monks simply a hip-hop album would be a tremendous disservice.

The duo of rapper/producer and founder of Freedom Movement McAD and his emcee partner Linguistory take the basic structure of hip-hop and add volumes of depth by incorporating multiple genres alongside politically and socially aware messages — like a modern-day take on the folk rebellion of the 1960s.


:: Wandering Monks ::

:: Fox Theatre :: November 25 ::


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  1. Just bought and downloaded the Wandering Monks self titled, debut CD…Giving this CD a 3 of 5 stars may also be a disservice. I would have to give them at least a 4…if not a straight up 5!!! The lyrical content is sophisticated, intelligent, and searing! And the beats very complex, yet “hooky”. Such a posative change from what is being called “hip hop” today. I actually consider the music to be a hi-bryd form, as it combines many other genres, and reaches far beyond traditional hip hop. If you are looking for gangsta rap or bubble gum hip hop…..look elsewhere!!! THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP!!! THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!