Crucial Gifts- Cerwin-Vega XD3


Cerwin-Vega XD3

Retail price: $99

Somewhere along the line, designers started passing off crappy plastic boxes and sticks as desktop speakers, but Cerwin-Vega’s XD3 is getting back to what a desktop speaker should be — a compact but hefty hunk of wood capable of playing full sounds.

Audiophiles will be impressed with the clarity of highs and wide band of midranges, but — as with most 3” woofers — a pair of speaker stands would do wonders to help push up the sometimes under-whelming lows. However, once raised, the XD3’s are comfortable all day long, pushing everything from Yo-Yo Ma to the Beastie Boys (yes, the bass really does come up enough to make Check Your Head sound right).


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