Crucial Gifts- Little Dot MKiii


Little Dot MKiii

Retail price: $194

The Little Dot MKiii tube headphone amplifier is one of the best things you can do to your ears, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes either. Part of the fun of a tube amp is being able to change the tubes for different characteristics, but the stocks that come with the unit give a sound that’s as warm as a goose-down sleeping bag. With two gain knobs on the unit, the sound can be further tweaked, but whether you’re listening on the world’s best headphones, or something off the bargain rack, this unit will most likely outperform anything you can throw at it.

The aesthetics are as strong as the sound, with a sweet golden glow of the tubes when the amp is in use. It can almost make you enjoy listening to even your most hated genre.



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