The Longest Day of the Year


The Longest Day of the year

Turn Into the Ground

Mulewax Music

3 out of 5 stars

Boulder’s The Longest Day Of The Year (TLDOTY) throw “alt” or “outlaw” in front of country when describing their music, but truth be told, those words are unnecessary.

The music itself might sound like some gritty modern version of Uncle Tupelo, but vocalist “t.Mule,” aka Sean Lamborne, has a gravelly growl that gives TLDOTY a feeling that the music is from several decades ago. It’s good, but it’s such a powerful voice that it often overshadows the musicianship, sort of like the vocals from J. Roddy Walston and the Business. Nonetheless, the songwriting is strong and the album is a solid debut for the group.


:: Star Bar :: January 14 ::

:: Stage Stop :: January 15 ::

:: Left Hand Brewing :: January 22 ::

:: Lazy Dog :: January 28 ::


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