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Achille Lauro

Flight or Flight

Hot Congress

3 out of 5 stars

It’s almost ironic that Achille Lauro even needs to ponder the question of fight or flight?

For the last several years, it’s seemed like the band has seen very few situations that would require either. They’ve had heaps of adoring praised lavished upon them by critics and fans.

Regardless, though, the Denver group’s new album examines the question albeit with a twist, suggesting that Flight or Flight should be the only options — “with the freedom to simply fly away from any potential danger.”

The band goes on, in a press release that accompanied the album, to suggest that fleeing leaves you with “just you and your peace and that eagle your [sic] hitching a ride from.” Grammar mistakes aside, the album does take an aerial ride starting with the lead post-rock with vocals track, “Upward Away From The Ground.”

The band’s ska-like song “Low Cha-Cha,” that was the title track of last year’s EP release, follows “Upward…,” and in just those two songs the band showcases a vast diversity of ranges and influences that has helped them to continually earn their tag line, “the sexiest thing to come out of Denver since Don Cheadle.”                                                     — BFJ

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  1. wait…did you like the album or not like the album? i’m not seeing an actual review here?

    also, grammer quiz:
    “The band’s ska-like song ‘Low Cha-Cha,’ that…”
    “that” = restrictive clause = no comma

  2. Marquee Magazine on

    Uh, then re-read it. And, as for restrictive clauses, I’ll leave that to my copy editor, but I do know that grammar isn’t spelled “grammer.”

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