Gigging 1O1: Everything You Need To Know About Playing Gigs


Gigging 101

Everything You Need To Know About Playing Gigs


3 out of 5 stars

A great deal of David Barber’s new instruction manual Gigging 101 could have been filed under “Common Sense for Bands 101,” but nonetheless, there are tidbits included here that could be useful to many a local musician.

Barber, a Denver-based author and self-described music addict, does a good job at letting total newbies know what to expect when setting up or playing their first gig — particularly laying out the necessary open lines of communication so neither the band nor the venue are left at the end of the night feeling like they’re being gypped.

But, Barber also spends a bunch of time laying out what not to do. Many of those anecdotes come in the form of a fictional narrative of a made-up band that does almost everything wrong. As important as it may be, most bands don’t need to know that they should tune before they get on stage, not piss off the sound guy, and not use the green room for drug deals. Some of this may make for good fodder, but if a band is that dumb, they probably wouldn’t pay attention to the book, anyway.                                                                           — BFJ


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