Mr. Anonymous


Mr. Anonymous

Champion Sound


3.5 out of 5 stars

Colorado-based Mr. Anonymous is the brainchild of Jeep MacNichol, the former Samples drummer whose third solo effort, Champion Sound, displays music moving in a new direction for MacNichol.

The newest CD blends energized drumming, an irie hip-hop vibe, relaxed horn lines, and the smooth vocals of Ranking Roger of The English Beat, as well as his talented son, Ranking Jr.

Over the past two years, Mr. Anonymous has released a live EP, six singles, five music videos, and has attained over 10,000 downloads.

Compared with Mr. Anonymous’ two previous electronica influenced releases, Champion Sound moves into a more organic, percussion-oriented direction, using only live drums, bass, guitars, and live horns, creating an easy vibe that soothes the aural palate. Take, for example, the track “Spaceman,” which is on the surface a very standard-based jazz song. MacNichols and company add a reggae vocal rap that is 180-degrees different than the jazz basis, but shows a seamless blending of influences.

That approach gives Champion Sound a very original feeling that certainly merits a listen.

— Chibo Acevedo

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