Mombi’s latest Video for the single “Time Goes”


Denver’s Mombi releases its latest single “Time Goes” off of 2011’s critically praised The Wounded Beat.

By Joe Kovack

Mombi emanates an atmospheric quality to its brand of ethereal folk rock. Layered with soft vocals complimented by an intricate acoustic guitar and intimate rhythms, this Denver-based trio looks to expand its hold on the ever growing musical landscape that is Denver and the Front Range. Featuring Kael Smith, Matt Herron and Michael Behrenhausen, the group exudes a modest façade while letting the music seep in and slowly grow and weave inside the contours of the mind.

The single “Time goes” strikes close to home for the group. With the lyrics containing portions of a poem written in 1972 by Smith’s grandfather Lynn Vanlandingham titled “Alone I Wait,” the song juxtaposes the heart of the poem with the concept of the passage of time. Accentuating this is the video animated and directed by filmmaker Manuel Aragon.

The Wounded Beat is an ambient foray of atmosphere and ambiance with just enough folk laden rhythms to calm and intrigue. Mombi is currently working on new material.


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