Desert Rocks Festival


Desert Rocks Gets New Home For Its 8th Year

By Brian F. Johnson

June 7-10

Jenk Star Ranch

Green River, Utah

For its eighth year, the Desert Rocks Music Festival has gotten itself a new home, the Jenk Star Ranch.

Walking distance to the Green River, the ranch is a privately-owned parcel of desert land surrounded by sandstone cliffs, which the promoters have already pegged as backdrops for lights shows.

The new parcel also makes this festival — which has always showcased a huge part of the Denver scene — an easier drive for Front Range residents. Only 100 miles west of Grand Junction, the ranch is owned by metal artist and sculptor Scott Whitake, who turned some of the landscape into a natural gallery featuring Burning Man style metallic works of art.

You’re going there to see: Two nights of Desert Rock veterans Elephant Revival, The Wailers, and Beats Antique.

.You’re going to come home talking about: DeadPhish Orchestra from Boulder, who have been drawing massive attention with sets like this recent one from Quixote’s: Saint Stephen > Cities > Ruben & Cherise > Carini, Pebbles & Marbles > Let It Grow > Divided Sky > Saint Stephen, Twist > The Wheel > Twist, Run Like An Antelope.

Travel time:

(As calculated by from

Denver, Colo. to Green River, Utah)

Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 38 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 343 miles


YOU NEED TO KNOW: For the vehicularly challenged, or those who just want a different travel experience, Amtrack provides service from Denver to Green River, and local shuttles are available to get to the festival. The ride takes a bit longer by train, clocking in at nine-plus hours, but it’s ridiculously cheap, at only $56 one way, which is about what you’ll pay for your share in gas if you go by car. The trip is also a gorgeous ride on the train and you can have a pre-game celebration without fear of the Utah State Police.

Camping: Plentiful on-site.


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