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Particle, Cheese, Bisco and Motet players step up to the plate for Game 7

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By Brian F. Johnson

Music freaks and baseball nuts have more in common than one might think on the surface. Both can rattle off important dates with ease. Stats from particular games, or a player’s season, are perused and evaluated in the same way music folks look at setlists. And, the same way ball teams look to the bullpen for their closers, musicians pick ringers for side projects — musicians that can throw the game-winning pitch, or knock out a home run, so to speak.

Particle’s drummer Darren Pujalet and bassist Eric Gould, have taken those comparisons to heart and for their most recent side project — aptly named Game 7 — they’ve called in some home run sluggers that they know are capable of putting one over the fence time and time again.

In a recent interview with The Marquee, Pujalet explained that he and Gould have had the opportunity in recent years to put bands together for an annual event in San Francisco, and one such roster ended up with so many quality ringers, that they decided to keep it going for more than just a one-off.

Even on the project’s Facebook page, they don’t simply list the members of the group, they rattle them off much the way famed baseball announcer Phil Rizzuto would have called out a starting lineup: on keyboards… Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits and Conspirator, on electric mandolin… Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident, on drums… Darren Pujalet of Particle, on bass guitar… Eric Gould of Particle, on saxophone… Pete Wall of The Motet.

That lineup, hand-selected by Pujalet and Gould, has played three shows together thus far, and this month they’ll add two more to their schedule when they return to Quixote’s True Blue.

Pujalet explained that the roots of all of these members run deep and the fact that the bands have followed similar paths has only added to the continuity of the group’s music. “Kang has done a bunch of work with Particle before and filled in when we needed a guitar player,” Pujalet said. “Disco Biscuits is a band that Particle ran sort of side-by-side with for many years, so we always enjoyed Aaron’s playing and that was one of our first calls. And the addition of Pete Wall just gave the project its own unique character and flare.”

Pujalet said that once they got everyone assembled the group took on a “Just add water” approach, that everyone could easily play off of and relate to. “All of our bands come from a very heavy dance background. So it’s pretty familiar. Funk is the underlying theme in all of the bands and there’s electro underlyings with all of them as well. So it was easy for us to craft original materal that stays in the same vein,” Pujalet said.

He continued to explain that the band originally started with a combination of Particle and Biscuit material, but quickly began developing songs specifically for Game 7. “When you have this type of combination together you end up with original improv,” he said. “I don’t know that we ever sat down and said ‘Let’s do this.’ We just got together to do what we do and to just trust in each other. We didn’t overthink it.”

Part of that, was giving the project room to breathe, and Pujalet gave massive credit to Quixote’s owner and promoter Jay Bianchi, who hosted Game 7’s first real gigs in January. “Jay is really a gift to Denver. He really is. He’s an outside the box thinker and he’s a risk taker and that’s just great to have,” Pujalet said.

While having a no-limits approach to the group’s dynamic has given them a broad platform to develop their improvisational sound, Pujalet said too that from their first notes together they realized that the sound was one that needed to be recorded. “We’ve talked about recording and thrown the idea around. We now have a booking agent and some other gigs on the books and it’s just a matter of putting the members in between their other priorities,” he said.

So while Game 7 has a finality to its name, it seems that the boys are just starting their Spring training and that the longevity of the project could be akin to a baseball season that goes on and on.



:: Game 7 ::

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