The Melvins Play Denver on Road to Set World Record

:: Melvins Lite ::
:: Bluebird Theater :: September 12 ::

By Joe Kovack

The Melvins have been doling out experimental rock for nearly three decades and now look to embark on a new frontier; 51 shows, 50 states, in 51 days.

If successful, the noise rockers will set a Guinness World Record for the most comprehensive tour of the United States in less than two months. Starting in Alaska in early September, the band will embark on a quest never before achieved- and having been around for 30 years, it’s something that would truly be a feat.

“We figured it was time for us to do something REALLY crazy,” said Osborne. “51 shows in 50 states plus one in D.C. and all in 51 days?  Jeez!  I wonder if we can do it?” Osborne said in a recent press release.

If there is one band that could do it, the Melvins would be it. Having released almost an album a year for their entire tenure and sometimes two, the guys are no stranger to hard work and the toils of the road. With a new album Freak Puke and a slightly tuned line-up of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Trevor Dunn on bass, this Melvins Lite will have a different feel, with less noise/experimental rock they have been known for and more jazzy/lounge feel, which was recently described by Spin magazine as “evil cocktail jazz.”

The Melvins Lite will be playing Denver at the Bluebird Theater on September 12th, making Denver an early stop on their road to the record books.


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