Patrick Dethlefs “Fall & Rise”

:: Fox Theatre :: December 6 ::
:: Swallow Hill:: December 15 ::

Patrick Dethlefs

Fall & Rise


4 out of 5 stars

Patrick Dethlefs’ parents couldn’t have had any idea what the impact would be when in the late 1990s they bought their then 12-year-old son a guitar.

The young Dethlefs soon started writing songs on his own and several years later he took home Best Teen Songwriter award from Swallow Hill Music. Now, just a few years after that, Dethlefs is on his second full-length album, which again features songwriting that is more mature than most artists twice his age.

Much of the album — songs like “Far Away,” “As For The Songs,” “I’ll Be Gone,”— is on the more indie side of folk and would sit well alongside Cary Brothers or Ray LaMontagne tracks. But other songs, like “Fall & Rise” and “For A Change,” tend to bring forth a more traditional folk sound. But whichever side of the spectrum that Dethlefs is tapping, he does it with wonderful results. His writing is strong and the record flows amazingly well between songs


:: Patrick Dethlefs ::

:: Fox Theatre :: December 6 ::

:: Swallow Hill:: December 15 ::


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