Post Paradise ‘Digging Secrets’

:: Hodi’s Half Note :: June 13 ::

Post Paradise

Digging Secrets


3 out of 5 stars


Power pop needs its hooks, but Fort Collins-based Post Paradise very smartly uses their best hook with subtlety.

The group’s charm comes in the form of Amy Morgan’s cello playing, which is skillful and deep, but instead of forming every song around Morgan’s playing, the band instead just makes it a part of the full group. Even tracks where Morgan’s bow is going nuts over the strings, or where she’s gently introducing a song, her cello is a complimentary instrument to the group’s sound and not the entire basis for it.

What does sit front and center for the group are guitarist/singer Nick Duarte’s vocals, which seem crafted directly for modern rock radio.

Recorded with the band’s new rhythm section, bassist Chris Santolla and drummer Mark Roshon, who joined the group last year, Diggin Secrets is peppy, poppy and bouncy, although at times it can be a bit formulaic in its modern rock song structure.


:: Hodi’s Half Note :: June 13 ::


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