Various Artists ‘Acoustic Circus II’

:: Toad Tavern :: June 28 and 29 ::

Various Artists

Acoustic Circus II


3 out of 5 stars


More than 10 years after the first phase of the project began, The Acoustic Circus — a far-reaching collection of Denver musicians all performing acoustically — is finally set to release Volume II, and Volume III will be close on its heels.

The project was started a decade ago by local musician and talent buyer Mark Sundermeier. The idea behind The Acoustic Circus was simple, to get a slew of musicians with different backgrounds to record acoustically.

In 2012, Sundermeier and associate Kyle Zender revisited the idea and began scheduling Acoustic Circus shows at the Toad Tavern, while also getting those artists to record tracks. Since then they have recorded over 35 artists, 18 of which are featured on Volume II.

Volume II features Buckstein, No Fair Fights, Andy Ard, Megan Burtt, Tin Star Charmer (Chris Stake and Greg Pasquariello), Bad Candy, Steve Law, The Flash Mob, Goldie & The Bears, Your Own Medicine, Janessa O’Fallon, Bobby Doran, Potcheen, The Uncommon Cold, Ryan Chrys, Clara Finn, Bailout, and Mark Sundermeier.

Some songs on the disc are frankly blah, while some tracks are excellent. But the beauty of Acoustic Circus is seeing so many of Denver’s up and coming songwriters sharing their craft in one place, and that earns it more points than any individual track.


:: Toad Tavern :: June 28 and 29 ::


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