Review: Dark Star Orchestra at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre 6/28/13


By Katherine Dodds

Due to work, I got a late start heading up to the Mish (as those who know the Mishawaka call it), and when we arrived at CO-14 they wouldn’t let us drive up. Why? Because there was a mudslide at mile crossing 115. Here we were, an hour out of work, fighting our way to the Mish and somebody wants to tell me I can’t go? My response was immediately, “where’s another route and how can I get there?” A little bit of screeching, a filled up gas tank and up Risk Canyon we went.

Partway up, we realized we’d forgotten the simple instructions the nice road worker had given us and waved down another driver who promised to show us the way. Five minutes later, hauling in my 6-cylinder Jeep, I deeply regretted putting the life of my passenger and myself in the hands of an obviously very dangerous speedy driver simply for a show. Once we made it, my fears disappeared and we ascended upon the honored outdoor Mishawaka Amphitheatre. Although large bands tend to veer away from this venue, the magic of the creek flowing next to you and the stars shining above you makes any band twice as good.

I do love Dark Start Orchestra, and I believe that their set was quite profound. The only disappointment I found in their act was there seemed to be no real focus on an individual person and their instrumental abilities; which is fitting for their presentation of Grateful Dead songs. But I personally enjoy a solo thrown in here or there. In all, the show was fun, the people were wild and once again Dark Star Orchestra reminded us of some of the greatest musicians that once graced this earth.


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