Review/Photos: Holy Ghost Tent Revival w/ Dave Tamkin Duo at Cervantes’ Other Side 7/23/13


By Michael Swisher

Travelling all the way from North Carolina, Holy Ghost Tent Revival are in the midst of their first tour out west. They’ve begun to build a reputation with their energetic and fervent presence on stage and through their mixing of folk rock with a southern soul sound, bringing a tremendous amount of energy and amplifying the crowd.

The show’s opener was the Dave Tamkin Duo from Boulder, CO. Originally from Chicago, Tamkin has developed a unique style that has converted an acoustic guitar into an eclectic collection of unique sounds that I have never experienced. His style combined with a strong, crisp percussionist made the Dave Tamkin Duo a must see.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival met with a modest audience on Tuesday at Cervantes’ Other Side, but proceeded to pull everyone into their set. Their full sound was backed by incredible vocals and an array of genre-spanning styles. The band featured a delightfully diverse style of vocalists, each one bringing a consistent flow and style that was as unique as the band itself. Part of the “pop” that could be felt from the stage was due to the accentuation by the horn section.

You can tell that the group really enjoyed playing together and each member contributed their fair share to Holy Ghost Tent Revival. I look forward to hearing more about this band in the future.



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