Dave Tamkin ‘Cedar’


Dave Tamkin



3 out of 5 stars

Chicago-to-Boulder transplant Dave Tamkin likes to jump around. The singer/songwriter, who still spends a lot of time in his native Windy City, has wrapped up his EP Cedar, which he recorded at The Wreckingr Room in Lyons, in Denver, and in his home city of Chicago. While he laid down a lot of the work in Lyons, Tamkin spread out other elements of the recording with friends in Denver as well as old friends from back home. In a press release he issued with the five-song EP, Tamkin said that “These musicians are not only close friends but musicians that I look up to and trust.” His dedication to involving all those different parties makes Cedar different with each song, but at the heart is Tamkin’s percussive acoustic playing style and Jackson Browne-like voice, which combine to give Cedar a poppy FM feel.








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