Crucial Gifts: Roxsonic Guitar Pedals


Roxsonic guitar pedals

Varying effects

Retail price: $129 – $189

An electronic hobbyist since his early teens, Roxborough Park, Colo. resident Joel Reisner, who once hi-jacked and re-wired his parent’s home intercom system to play his guitar through it, has, since his retirement from the automobile industry, been making hand crafted guitar effect pedals named Roxsonic, as a nod to his community.

In addition to being made in Colorado, Reisner crafts each pedal right down to his hand-etched circuit boards — no farmed out Chinese-made circuitry here. Available in highly polished medal or super tough powder coat colors, the internal components have been laboriously scrutinized by Reisner, who has based his work on time tested, rock approved pedals that are long out of production.

From the retro-sounding “Fuzzy Beaver” to the high gain distortion of the “Skull Buster” and the transparent sounding “Clean Tone Overdrive” — in addition to a slew of other pedals by Roxsonic — Reisner has taken guitar pedals back to their original hot-rod roots, and he’s done so with the craftsmanship of an impassioned artist. (Available exclusively at Elite Sound – Denver.)


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