This Month in Music History – January


January 3

1945: Steven Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash is born

1946: John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin is born

1953: Hank Williams dies at 29 years old

January 2

1975: The Allman Brothers Band are named “Outstanding Community Organization” by the Georgia Department of Corrections

January 3

1964: The Beatles make their first appearance on U.S. television in a clip shown on the “Jack Paar Show”

January 4

1950: RCA Victor announces that it will begin manufacturing long-playing (LP) records

•  1964: Leo Fender sells the Fender Guitar Company to CBS for $13 million

January 6

•   1957: Elvis Presley makes his third and final appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” but is only shown from the waist up

•  1958: Gibson patents the Flying V guitar

January 8

•   1925: Russian composer Igor Stravinsky appears in his first American concert

•   1935: Elvis Presley is born

January 9

•   1944: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is born

January 11

•   1964: Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire becomes the first country album to top the U.S. pop album chart

•   1967: Jimi Hendrix records “Purple Haze”

•   1992: Paul Simon begins a concert tour of South Africa. Simon is the first international performer to play in the country following the end of the U.N. Cultural boycott

January 12

•   1969: Led Zeppelin’s debut album is released in the U.S.

January 15

•   1967: The Rolling Stones appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and, at Sullivan’s request, change the lyrics from “Let’s spend the night together” to “Let’s spend some time together”

January 16

•   1996: Jamaican authorities open fire on a seaplane carrying Jimmy Buffet and Bono, after mistaking the aircraft for a drug trafficker’s plane. No injuries are reported

January 18

•   1973: Pink Floyd begins recording Dark Side of the Moon

•   1991: Three people are killed at a Salt Lake City AC/DC concert when the audience rushes the stage

January 19

•   1981: Chris Wright, the chairman of the British Phonograph Industry, predicts the new cassette format will cause the death of vinyl

•   1943: Janis Lynn Joplin is born

January 20

•   1964: Meet The Beatles, the group’s U.S. debut, is released

•   1982: Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off of a live bat

January 27

•   1984: Michael Jackson suffers second and third degree burns to his head and neck after his hair catches fire from sparks from pyrotechnic effects during the filming of a Pepsi commercial

•   1968: Six weeks after his death in a plane crash, Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” is released

January 28

•   1985: “We Are The World” is recorded

January 30

•   1969: The Beatles perform together for the last time atop the roof of Apple Records’ headquarters in London

January 31

•   1979: The Clash begin their first U.S. Tour with Bo Diddley as their opening act


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