Cold River City ‘Let Me Shine’



Cold River City

Let Me Shine


3 out of 5 stars


For a band that started in 2012, Cold River City’s debut full length Let Me Shine is miles beyond the group’s youth.

The incredible diversity put forth by the Boulder sextet is as wide ranging as it gets and the band winds through axe slinging numbers like “Blues Heavy” deftly before shifting gears into funk, hip-hop, reggae and electronica-inspired tunes. All that diversity keeps each song fresh, but at some points it’s an overwhelming undertaking to follow the main flow of Let Me Shine. Having a variety of influences is wonderful, but balancing them is the real trick.

Still, the foundation that Cold River City has laid down with this debut gives the band a huge opportunity to pick its direction from this point forward. The possibilities are endless.


:: Bohemian Biergarten :: Feb. 1 ::

:: Cervantes’ Other Side :: Feb. 8 ::

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