Wanderlust Blends a Yoga Retreat With Jurassic 5



July 3 – 6


Snowmass Village, Colo.


Yoga festivals aren’t supposed to have huge musical acts for headliners. In theory, they’re supposed to be all sitar and ambient music — but no one told the folks at Wanderlust.

Held in Snowmass Village Wanderlust has taken the best elements of a yoga and spiritual retreat and coupled it with the old-school bombastic hip-hop of Jurassic 5. It’s as if the promoters are asking their attendees to spend all day working on their bodies and mind, so that come the evening, they can summon all of that energy and throw down for a huge show.


You’re going there to see: Jurassic 5.

You’re going to come home talking about: The Wanderlust Spectacular (a.k.a. the Cirque de Soleil of yoga).


Travel Time: (Denver, Colo. to Snowmass Village, Colo.)

Total Est. Time: 3 hours, 27 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 196 miles


You need to know: The amount of speakers, workshops, artists and other activities is staggering. This is a full-immersion festival and catching everything you want to see at this Coachella of Yoga will take planning.

Camping: Camping options are available near-by, but the festival teamed with local resorts to offer excellent hotel accommodations.


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