Montropo ‘Follow Me’



Follow Me


4.5 out of 5 stars

This may be a “debut” for Montropo, but the man behind the project, Andrés Diaz has a classical guitar background, which is most likely why this EP sounds nothing like a first-try.

This folk-pop collection is impeccably played and crafted, tapping ’60s and ’70s songwriters from Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, and incorporating some British pop flavors.

Diaz began writing songs in Austin, Texas before moving to Denver where he put together this project, that includes Carl Sorenson (Chimney Choir, Dragondeer) on percussion. Few bands that have less than 10 Facebook “likes” are chosen to play at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase, but the strength of Follow Me certainly demands an exception to the rule. It’s really good.

:: UMS :: July 24-27 ::


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