The Outfit ‘Station Wagon Apocalypse/Tyrannosaurus Surfboard’


The Outfit

Station Wagon Apocalypse/Tyrannosaurus Surfboard

Hot Congress Records

4 out of 5 stars

“Be excellent and then be gone” is a wonderful concept about being short, sweet and to the point. It’s a concept that Denver’s rock quartet The Outfit is attempting to master with its  latest double-single, “Station Wagon Apocalypse” and “Tyrannosaurus Surfboard.”

The two-song release is set to be available as a 7” vinyl, and while it may be short on length, the band manages to pack in an album worth of rock into something that takes less than six minutes to listen to in it’s entirety. Both tracks sound as if they could have been lifted from the Jack White catalog, with heavy bass lines and thumping rock beats, coupled with heavily fuzzed guitar riffs and almost college radio-styled vocals. The band could have gone on and on about their style with six more tracks, but they made their point well with only two.

| Larimer Lounge | August 17 |

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