Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir ‘Three’


Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir



4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s all about balance for Blake Brown. The Denver singer/songwriter’s newest EP 3 —the follow up to his superb 2013 debut We Believers — is equal parts singer/songwriter crooning, denim-laden Americana and straight-up rock. Never is it too much any one of those elements. It’s all carefully balanced to the point where the transitions are barely noticeable. Simply put, Blake Brown’s style is Denver’s answer to Ryan Adams, and the beauty is that Brown isn’t trying to be, or sing like anyone. It comes off naturally, and therein lies the magic.

Brown and his collective The American Dust Choir flawlessly put forth these tracks, which could have actually been coupled with We Believers to form one full length, but splitting them up and giving the song sets space made sure that material would be released more frequently. Well played.

|hi-dive | September 26|



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