Vera Chrome ‘Changing Magnets’


Vera Chrome

Changing Magnets


3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s pretty shocking that Changing Magnets is a homemade album recorded with two mics in Dolores, Colo., in the far southwestern part of the state. It sounds like it must have come from a pro-studio.

Ole Bye’s guitar work and vocals, and Kim Lindell’s bass and backing vocals are all wrapped in heaps of magnificent pedal steel cries provided by Carl Johnson — who, frankly, is the highlight of the album. Bye’s vocals are dark and brooding, and mixed with so much pedal steel the vast landscapes of the Southwest almost jump out of the speakers. Taking cues from alt-country heroes like Parsons, Adams and Uncle Tupelo, Vera Chrome put forth a solid effort here with Changing Magnets.


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