Whiskey Autumn ‘Into Something New’


Whiskey Autumn

Into Something New


3.5 out of 5 stars

“Letterman Sweater” which opens this disc, is an aptly named track that sounds like it was listed from a 1950s sock hop playlist. It’s 1950, early 60s pop that is dripping with sing-songy harmonies and hooks. “So Wise, So Young” is somewhat along the same lines, though not quite as poppy, but the second half of this four-song EP is pure modern Americana. That dichotomy may be a bit jarring, but whichever side of the fence Whiskey Autumn is on at any given moment it is still highly engaging. “Born Again” is a catchy singer/songwriter tale with an infectious chorus.

| Johnny’s Cigar Bar | September 5 |

| The Post Brewing Company | September 14 |

| Conor O’Neills | September 27 |


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