PHOTOS: Railroad Earth – Ogden Theater 1/24/2015


:: Railroad Earth::

:: Ogden Theater ::

:: January 24, 2015 ::

Photos by: Elliot Siff

Review by Nessa Fried 

Railroad Earth began their annual winter Colorado run with a special event at eTown Hall in Boulder. On Wednesday, January 21, eTown premiered Railroad’s new Live at Red Rocks DVD, filmed last summer at the famed venue. The intimate experience began with a catered reception with the band members, followed by a short acoustic performance. eTown Hall provided exceptional sound, as the slow tunes of “Mourning Flies” and “Lovin’ You” reverberated throughout the venue’s church-like walls. The event concluded with the celebration of the DVD release. Guests were treated to over an hour of highlights from the film, revisiting that Red Rocks summer night.

Railroad Earth made their return to The Ogden Theater Thursday through Saturday. Each night embodied its own theme and flavor, while sticking to Railroad’s folksy, damn-good progressive jamgrass sound. Railroad came out with several covers from The Band, The Doors and Traffic that were a delightful sugarcoating to top off a great weekend of shows.

Thursday night’s setlist consisted of an eclectic array of songs. The band alternated between upbeat tracks the crowd could chant to like “Mission Man” and “RV,” as well as classic slow Todd Sheaffer ballads such as “Came Up Smilin” and “Black Bear.” “Head” was the leading jam of the night; a woman even felt inclined to do a five minute headstand at the foot of the stage! Regardless of the tempo, the crowd was on their feet nonstop, singing along with the frontman. Fiddle player Tim Carbone stole the spotlight for a few tunes, singing “Crossing the Gap” and “Any Road.” But the real stars of the night were the covers. “Acadian Driftwood” by The Band closed out the first set, while the encore was a heartfelt rendition of “Peggy-O.”

Friday night was filled with classic bust outs from Railroad’s large catalog. The show opened with the foot stomping tune “Lordy Lordy,” followed closely by Railroad’s homage to their hometown, “Donkey For Sale.” Bassist Andrew Altman took the spotlight in “Walk Beside Me,” creating a funky mood with his dance-inducing bass line. The second set raged fan favorites such as “Mighty River,” “Black Elk Speaks,” “Like A Buddha,” and “The Jupiter and the 119.” Friday night’s show was a classic display of Railroad’s talent.

While Friday night boasted popular Railroad hits, Saturday featured a jazzier, more experimental side rooted in some of their newer material. In the first set, the instrumental “1759” introduced a huge energy with cohesive beats and complex solos, setting the tone for the rest of the show. Things got heated when the band incorporated pieces of their newest instrumental composition, “All That’s Dead May Live Again” and “Face with a Hole” off their most recent album, Last of the Outlaws. The sax and keys combination provided a funky jazz element uncommon for the band. John Skehan’s growth on the keys added a new dimension to the band’s ensemble. The jazz sound was at its height during their first ever performance of Traffic’s “Glad.” The audience was then treated to a grooving “Warhead Boogie,” and a classic closer of “Colorado,” where the crowd clapped on beat until the lights went out. The final encore of the weekend was an energetic, animated delivery of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”. Todd’s Jim Morrison vocal impressions were nothing shy of entertaining. Colorado’s Railroad Earth Hobos will be waiting in anticipation for the band’s return to Red Rocks this summer!


January 21, 2015 
E-Town Hall
 Boulder, Colorado

Special acoustic performance prior
to premiere of Railroad Earth’s DVD
from their Red Rocks show on 
August 2, 2014:

Chasin’ a Rainbow


A Day on the Sand

Mourning Flies

Lovin’ You




January 22, 2015
 Ogden Theatre
 – Denver, Colorado

Set 1:

Lone Croft Farewell
Mission Man
Bowling Green
Came Up Smilin’

Little Bit O’ Me

Any Road

The Cuckoo –>

Tore Up Over You

Acadian Driftwood

Set 2:

The Forecast –>
Long Walk Home
Stillwater Getaway 
Black Bear

Said What You Mean

Crossing the Gap

Grandfather Mountain


New Lee Highway Blues –>





January 23, 2015 Ogden Theatre
- Denver, Colorado

Set 1:

Lordy, Lordy

Drag Him Down

Donkey for Sale

Mourning Flies

Mountain Time

Walk Beside Me

Gold Rush


Happy Song

Set 2:

El Cumbanchero
Mighty River
When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
For Love
Too Much Information
Black Elk Speaks –>
Spring-Heeled Jack –>
Like a Buddha –>
Through the Gates

The Jupiter and the 119 –>
Cuckoo Medley




January 24, 2015
 Ogden Theatre
- Denver, Colorado

Set 1:

Long Way To Go
Bread and Water
Potter’s Field –>
Old Dangerfield
Just So You Know
Bird in a House
Dance Around Molly –>
Dandelion Wine

Set 2:

Chasin’ a Rainbow
Old Man and the Land
Bringin’ My Baby Back Home
Saddle of the Sun –>
Tuba Mirum
Butterfly and the Tree
Hangtown Ball
Glad (A) –>
Warhead Boogie –>
Face with a Hole


Roadhouse Blues


(A) First time played, written
by Steve Winwood


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