Backwoods Camping & Music Festival



Backwoods Camping & Music Festival

September 4 – 6

Tatanka Ranch – Stroud, Okla.

Few festivals would announce their lineup in the form of a puzzle, but that’s exactly what Backwoods did earlier this year. The festival brilliantly released a word-jumble of a poster in February, and while all the acts were listed, fans needed to take time to figure out that   “RPONTS ONRBREDI” stood for Porter Robinson and “HNFOEMDC OITMERSU” meant Infected Mushroom.

The festival’s grounds are just off the historic Route 66, and as such, Backwoods has prepared an interactive Route 66 map that encourages its attendees to take the long way to the festival and experience some of America’s history along the way — that’s pretty darn ’Merican of a dance-focused festival.

  • You’re going there to see: Porter Robinson, Infected Mushroom, Boombox
  • You’re going to come home talking about: Helen Kelter Skelter, T-CHiKn, Washed Out

Travel Time:
Denver to Tatanka Ranch
9 hours, 27 minutes
674 miles

Camping: Multiple camping options from GA Camping to RV Camping to a special cabin rental for four people that comes with backstage passes.

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