Rowdy Shadehouse ‘Vagenis’


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Rowdy Shadehouse



4 out of 5 stars

If the disturbingly hilarious cover art of their new album doesn’t make it perfectly clear, Rowdy Shadehouse could care fuck-all about political correctness.

Vagenis’ cover features band members all striking their best “I’d fuck me” Buffalo Bill poses, and it gives some pretty crystal clear insight into the rest of the album.

With heavy ska and funk riffs, the band gangbangs the songs on the six-song disc, building over and over again to voluminous bukkake releases, all the while eschewing class for raunch. Somehow though, despite their over-the-top nastiness, the band, which plays live shows clad in outrageous spandex, remains incredibly likeable.

“Push it, Pump it” is as infectious as an STD, and the title track “Vagenis” which quotes Buffalo Bill’s famed line, will keep listeners laughing long after they begin to get a throbbing tingle on their upper lip.

It isn’t high-brow and no one will ever claim that Rowdy Shadehouse played this album safe, and that’s exactly why it’s so damn fun.

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