Running Out of Road ‘Rambler’s Reprise’


05_CD_Running Out of Road

Running Out of Road

Rambler’s Reprise


4 out of 5 stars

Durango’s Running Out of Road say that their new album reflects life in a small western town.  And maybe because of that the group seems to have a sweet, aww-shucks innocence as if they were still wet behind the ears, and they are, having only started in 2012. But any preconceived notion of their abilities matching their age as a band goes out the window the second they start picking.

Their latest album Rambler’s Reprise, sounds like an early Yonder album, complete with high energy picking, a dialed-in song structure and flawless harmonies — good enough that the band will play in this month’s Telluride Bluegrass Competition and play several Front Range gigs in July.

While there are songs about booze and blues like one would expect, the band also acts as history professor on “Greene Street Parade,” — one of the discs highlights — telling the tale of a mining tragedy in Silverton in an excellent as well as educational arrangement.

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