The Fremonts ‘The Fremonts EP’


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The Fremonts

The Fremonts EP


3.5 out of 5 stars

The adorably sing-songy chorus of The Fremont’s “How Often,” the opening song off their new self-titled EP, seems to set the stage for a cheerful summer-breeze type of release. But track two takes a sharp turn into the heart-wrenching  song “The Flying Daughter,” and half way through that song, another turn comes which gives the song a hopeful conclusion. By track-four, the Fremonts have shifted again, this time singer Stephanie Dodd reading the short story “Violet” over simply strummed chords. The EP ends with Dodd and the other half of the group, Justin Badger, trading lyrics on the track “Echo.”

Despite the roller-coaster, the 18-minute EP is utterly enjoyable, and the varied emotions it taps with its haphazard theme flow freely from one to another — which is most likely the precise theme that they were shooting for.

Trident Cafe and Booksellers | June 20

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