Kevin Dooley ‘treehouse’


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Kevin Dooley



3.5 out of 5 stars

With an acoustic blues foundation and vocals that fall somewhere between Tom Waits and John Hiatt, Kevin Dooley’s latest effort treehouse fits as comfortably on a sunny front porch as it does in a smoky juke joint.

The Longmont-based troubadour, who in the past has called his music Celtic Americana, has set aside many of his Celtic influences for treehouse to reveal a set of tunes that are simplistic in their arrangements and delivery, but overflowing with feeling. Tracks like “Willoughby” and “The Road Home” showcase some of Dooley’s best songwriting, centered around the theme of longing to be home, while tracks like “Drive” and “Feel The Wheel” re-open the door to go explore the world again.


Georgia Boys BBQ | Aug. 2

The Roost | Aug. 14

Haystack Mountain Grill | Aug. 19

Niwot Market | Aug. 21

Chuburger | Aug. 28

Left Hand Brewing Company | Aug. 29

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