Steepland String Band ‘Little Pay’


03_CD_Steepland String Band

Steepland String Band

Little Pay


3 out of 5 stars

Little Pay, Steepland String Band’s 13-track debut, conveys a light-hearted laid-back approach to bluegrass. With whimsical song titles like “Lots of Spuds,” “Woman A’ La Mode,” and “Corner Bag Blues,” the trio, based out of Durango, shows some occasionally very good picking, but the over-all vibe of Little Pay isn’t stringed wizardry, it’s more like being invited onto the porch swing to hear a group of friends pick songs long past sunset.

Lazy Dog | Aug. 1

City Star Brewing | Aug. 8

Owsley’s Golden Road | Aug. 12

Vindication Brewing | Aug. 20

Bohemian Biergarten | Aug. 27

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