Amberly Chalberg ‘There Will Come A Day’


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Amberly Chalberg

There Will Come A Day


3.5 out of 5 stars

Amberly Chalberg lovingly started this album in late 2013, when her father was diagnosed with cancer — each song it’s own treatment regiment. Now with Dad on the mend, the highly personal, devoutly familial There Will Come A Day has been completed with help from a slew of Denver musicians. The album features Chalberg winding through folk, rock and country territories. The bluegrassy “Big Blue Truck” is an adorable story of a little girl riding on daddy’s lap, but Chalberg shines brightest on her slower songs like the soaring opening track “The Forest Song (Love Letters)” and the inspirational closing song “Super hero.”

The B.O.B. (Brew on Broadway) | October 3

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