Megan Burtt ‘The Bargain’


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Megan Burtt

The Bargain


3.5 out of 5 stars

The Berklee grad released her debut album in 2011, but on her most recent effort, The Bargain Megan Burtt comes across with a nonchalance and ease, that seems to indicate she’s been at this for decades. Poppy and radio ready in some spots, and folky and summer festival ready in others, The Bargain finds Burtt — who does an annual holiday tours, of the Pennsylvania prison system with her band — confident, fiery and spunky. The songs and the title suggests that she’s less concerned with finding something in the “Specials” bin, than she is with making sure she doesn’t bargain away life’s experiences.

The Oriental Theatre | August 29

Avogadro’s Number | September 15

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